Clive’s Minty DC2

Got to take a few pictures of my buddies’ mint, and completely original GSR. This Milano red beauty is factory from the intake box to the radio! Take a look. It isn’t often that you come across an Integra in this condition.


First Car Meet Teaser

Clive’s F2B Powered EM1 Civic Si

Got the opportunity to film my buddy’s EM1. Its an amazing car, which is powered by a Euro (Blue Top) DOHC F20B. However, an H22 head was tourqed down onto this block.The motor features the original QSD kit, which allows one to use the F/H series engines with a B series transmission for shorter gearing.  The car also has a ton Skunk 2 Products. From the suspension to the intake manifold, throttle body and cam gears, its all decked out in Skunk 2 products. The car is controlled by a Hondata S300 ECU.

The response of this car is amazing. It feels tourqey and with the 2.0 block its very rev happy. This setup makes for a great setup on the street, drag or even the corners on a road track. The B16 transmission and F20 block make a perfect combination.

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VLOG #2 is up. Check it out!

1st VLOG

Hey everyone check out my new series that I am doing with vlogs. First video is below.

My S14

So I wrote in my previous post that I sold my foxbody. So what I have now is a all stock 1996 240sx. So far it’s been great and I am so thankful to have a RWD Japanese car. I have had a few problems with it however. Not even owning the car for 24hrs the fuel injector tip broke causing the 1st injector to dump fuel into cylinder one. Yikes! That wasn’t a cheap fix, but at the time I had little choice but to let a shop fix it. I have also had a  few issues with the AC system, but I am in the process of fixing the problem.

Short Term Plans: I plan to get the car painted, install coil overs and wheels.

Long term: Exhaust system, 248/248 cam swap? SR20 swap? We will see.

Needs Paint.

Needs Paint.

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Trouble with the Fox

So its been a few months since I have posted, but we left off where I traded my 2000 Integra for a notchback Mustang. It had full bolt ons a mild cam suspension etc, etc. The car was great…for a awhile. It got to the point where the car was overheating, leaking oil pretty bad from the rear main seal and a few other minor things. To top it off, it’s getting hot in Florida and the Mustang had no A/C. So long story short I sold the car in early April. It was just too much going on, and I no longer desired to put more money into it.This car was a refresher of why I got rid of my first Mustang. But now I am back where I belong in the import community. What do I have now? Check the next post to see what it is!


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No more Integra-and the reason behind it.

Well Happy new Year everyone. As the title states, I no longer own the Integra. I traded for a domestic. Before I go into the make and model of my new I’ll say this. I was a domestic person long before I got into Honda’s. I never thought much about Honda’s up until I lost to a GSR hatch while I was in my Mustang. After that I slowly became interested in Honda’s. A few months after my run i  with the GSR, my best friend-who was also a domestic head- got an LS powered hatch. This was when my interest in getting a Honda peaked. I sold my Mustang due to its issues and ended up with a B16 EJ6 a few weeks later. The journey started there. I’ve learned a lot while being a part of the “Honda Game,” and I have met great friends and not so great friends. But overall being a part of the import side for about 4 years has been an adventure. I give Honda props and will continue  to do so. Owning a Honda definitely took my ignorance away to say the least.

Now, for what you’re here for. My decision to get rid of my Integra was a tough, but I wanted a RWD vehicle again. I thought about the Nissan community but I really didn’t want a turbo car. As most people know 240s are really only quick once they are turbocharged. I was still still stuck on natural aspiration. So I went to back to what I know best, and a body style that I’ve always wanted. A notchback Foxbody Mustang, which has quite a few goodies already. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures. I will also try to upgrade the “My Integra” section, as I still keep in contact with its new owner who I believe has a few plans for it.

Missed it All

I apologize for the lack of car show coverage that I attended to post on this blog. Florida has a plethora of car shows every year , and unfortunately I managed to miss every major event this year due to school. However I plan to start the New Year off right by to Import Face Off, which is actually held at my local race track. So stay tuned! Happy Holidays.